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the skin of a snake bred out of the spinal marrow of a man
swimming squid-like and squalid
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12th-Jan-2011 11:55 am(no subject)
been going a bit stir crazy without this month of school .___.

an excerpt of the second track from the first In Serpents and Seas release 'Notes from the Quiet Household'

available in various forms in early 2011

feel free to share and repost this video however you wish
25th-Nov-2010 01:18 pm - the passing of a dear friend
deer from children's book

27th February 1955 - 24th November 2010

I had the great fortune to meet him in person once when Throbbing Gristle played at the Coachella festival in 2008. The first thing he did after he saw me was give me a warm and kind hug. I talked with him a lot after the show, about music, the festival, and everything else. He truly was one of the kindest people I have ever met. Very kind and warm, simply an amazing person to be with. Before TG left, I gave all the members a hug, hoping I would see them all again one day. Unfortunately, this will not be the case.

As sad I as I am about this, I’ve been trying my best to remain positive throughout this. The fond memories I have of our meeting, talking, and correspondence over the years are all the more valuable, and will be cherished more than ever. I can say for certain that he was one of the few people to truly change my life. I’m glad I ever knew him in the first place.

Rest in peace my dear friend.
22nd-Oct-2010 09:59 pm - this is my feel good icon
deer from children's book
I still go through waves of depression and anxiety, but things have been better lately.

you can see some of my more recent work here:
21st-Aug-2010 09:36 pm(no subject)
deer from children's book
I had a really terrible day today, just a sudden onset of so many troubling thoughts, emotions, and worries. But I feel better knowing the support I have from others. I'm rarely this open with words, but it means the world to me. Thank you. <3
28th-Jul-2010 05:44 pm - ultra excited !
I finally got Colour Sound Oblivion in the mail today, which I'm quite happy about

On top of that, Stephen Thrower (Coil, Cyclobe) mentoned in an e-mail that he would like to collaborate on something with me. I'm still kinda in shock about this and really really excited by this idea. :>
4th-May-2010 06:24 pm(no subject)
everyone help me to couch surf across the nation
2nd-May-2010 03:44 pm(no subject)
I feel like traveling this summer, though this sounds too ambitious of me.
12th-Apr-2010 12:40 pm(no subject)
Now summer has passed,
As if it had never been.
It is warm in the sun.
But this isn't enough.

All that might have been,
Like a five-cornered leaf
Fell right into my hands,
But this isn't enough.

Neither evil nor good
Had vanished in vain,
It all burnt with white light,
But this isn't enough.

Life took me under its wing,
Preserved and protected,
Indeed I have been lucky.
But this isn't enough.

Not a leaf had been scorched,
Not a branch broken off. . .
The day wiped clean as clear glass,
But this isn't enough.
17th-Jan-2010 04:26 pm - glass fawn


new album available for free or at a price of your own choosing
an hour long ambient piece divided into 11 chapters
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